Obtaining E2 visa to live and work in America is a challenge and many don’t know what to invest in so in this video, I will let know you best Investment industries/ Options to invest in to be approved for an E2 visa.

Hello, every one I am John Ordoñez entrepreneur and real estate broker, I obtained my E2 visa around 2 years ago and specially for this video I met with my Franchise broker and went over those best available E2 visa friendly options so we can help you make a much better decision and where to put your money , that means these companies are willing to help you with all paper work you will need to present in your E2 Visa process.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor; I am sharing valuable information so you can have enough information before you make your final decision.

These are the best industries to be in where they are welcoming and willing to help E2 visa applicants.

Businesses within the repair and restoration industries that meaning, construction, handyman, builders.

Businesses in the sports and fitness industry, Gyms, recovery centers , trainers.

Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services, there many options in the market and this is a great business in America and very profitable.

Before I continue, I made a video about my personal experience in this process, you can click on top to watch it or I will put it in the description box. Let’s continue with the list.
Here is the video.

Home Improvement and Maintenance Services, property maintenance and related industry.

Personal care services industry such as spas, beauty salons, elderly care, cosmetics, etc.

Food and beverage industries, restaurants, food chains, Ice cream stores.

Pet care industry , pet stores, pet salon, pet hotels and related.

There is abundant availability, these are just some ideas for your investment, you can look for related franchises yourself or you can contact me to hook you up with those professionals who helped me to achieve my goal! I want to be clear with everyone, these people I am recommending are true, legit and great professionals who worked with me in my personal process, and as a disclaimer I may be compensated by them if I refer you to them.

I know during this process there is a lot of uncertainty, doubts, huge decisions to make, my best advice, pray, make sure you work with proven professionals, be willing to work hard, and make the move.

I Hope this video was useful to you, any questions contact me at any time, email me if you want my professional contact list.

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See you next time!

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