If you’re in the IT/MSP industry, then this video is for you. In this video, I’m going to explain what factors affect pricing and how much you should charge as an IT/MSP company, and why the costs are associated with them. Keep in mind this is a case-by-case basis.

Pricing is an essential part of any business, and it is something that should be planned out before the company is even started. There are a number of factors that play a role in pricing decisions, and knowing what these factors are will help to determine how much revenue can be generated.
Pricing can be determined by the following:
-The market- The more competitive the market, the more expensive the service/product will need to be.
-Your Competitors- If you have competitors with similar services/products priced at a lower cost than yours, your product or service should also be priced at a lower cost.
-Your Skillset- If you have a skillset in which competitors don’t exist, it may be possible for you to charge an even

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