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Business management is made easy with 5 Paragraph. On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, Bennett and Mike are talking about the skills that separate your average veteran from the modern workforce. It’s simple really, in the military we have to manage more people, more equipment, and under more stress than the typical civilian would ever encounter. That’s every branch, MOS, and billet.

Whether you were a cook in the Navy or motor-T in the Army, it doesn’t matter, management means managing people in order to achieve mission success. We at Cigars and Sea Stories have developed the “5 Paragraph Business Plan” as a simple to use tool to help managers orchestrate the chaos of the modern workplace. Fellow veterans will especially have an easy time working with 5 Paragraph. It’s the exact same template we are familiar with using in the military. We @CIGARSANDSEA simply added the necessary business jargon where it belongs in the op order to produce an action-oriented business management tool for leaders that veterans and patriots alike can enjoy and use… because if you don’t use the 5 Paragraph Business Plan you’re obviously a terrorist lovin’ freedom hater.


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